Collected Miscellany (Micro)

Last year I posted my excitement about reading Breaking Bread With The Dead by @ayjay. Then took a break from In between, I had my review published: Mental Anchors for Information Overload

A Prayer of Confession

“God of wisdom and truth, you call us to listen and follow your word to us, but we confess that too often we only hear what we want to hear and see what we want to see. We look for answers that reinforce what we already believe and do and we don’t notice how Jesus loved those who were difficult to love, who were different, or on the margins. Jesus loved us with his whole life and invited us to have such a change of heart that we live that same love. Forgive our cautious love and our guarded hearts and give us the courage to follow in Christ’s footsteps. In his name, we pray. Amen.”

“Who’s to blame? Well, a perfectly reasonable explanation is that the public has lost all trust in the elites and their institutions, and its frequent eruptions express anger over failure at the top. In other words, it’s the elites who are to blame.”

Martin Gurri

In case you need something to make you smile, Indigo says hello

Helpful two minute video on dealing with frustration

Can’t wait to dig into the timely book from @ayjay

One of the benefits of #WFH is being able to go to the local coffee shop and spend a few minutes enjoying a beautiful day in the Village of #Granville

“Instead of clear rules, rationally conceived and universally applied, the new rules are opaque, emotionally conceived and subjectively applied. If we lived under some fickle absolutist king, who arbitrarily decided what was offensive, outrageous, or even criminal, we’d all recognize the illiberalism of it. But when a mob arbitrarily rules the same way, we call it social justice. It’s really just the tyranny of feelings.” — Jonah Goldberg