Collected Miscellany (Micro)

Currently reading: And the Ocean Was Our Sky by Patrick Ness πŸ“š

Skipped my normal 8:30am Saturday run and glad I did. Warmer with bright sunshine this afternoon. πŸƒ

Snow day here in Granville which made my son very happy. ❄️ πŸ“Έ

β€œThere is a lot of craziness out there, but it’s hard to persuade people they need renewal, even repentance, if the primary thing they hear from you is that they are wicked, crazy, or stupid.” Micah Watson

Wonderful set off photos from Jay Nordlinger of Cincinnati. He notes the amount of murals, something I have also noticed and enjoyed about the Queen City. Not a fan of their sports teams but I do love to visit.

Who gets up on a cold and windy Saturday morning? Um, me, it seems. Somewhere along the line I became the runner guy… But the training for a 22K in February goes on. πŸƒ

“But what if that’s not how virtue works? What if after having cast out every unclean thing you can find you just end up in the foul rag and bone shop of your own heart? What then?” - @ayjay The Next Turn of the Wheel

Currently reading: How Do We Look: The Body, the Divine, and the Question of Civilization by Mary Beard πŸ“š

The Perks of Slow Running πŸƒ

Started off 2024 with a 5K. Was trying to push my pace. Was fine for first mile or two but died on last mile. Needed to eat better more before race. Would have been happy with that pace a years ago but can run faster now. Lots of races to go in 2024 (5,10,15,22Ks)πŸƒ

Finished reading: The Deal of a Lifetime by Fredrik Backman πŸ“š / ended 2023 with novella, started 2024 with one πŸ˜„

Jonah Goldberg on being ideologically and philosophically a modernist and temperamentally and aesthetically a Tolkienist or Chestertonian.

Finished reading: The Christmas Guest by Peter Swanson πŸ“š // great Christmas novella that can be read in one sitting. First half set up, second half dark twist.

Currently reading: The Christmas Guest by Peter Swanson πŸ“š

Did a Running Advent this December. Starting on 12/1 you run .5mi and then add .5 each day until you reach 6, then reverse the process ending on 12/23. I ran every day for 23 days. Most consecutive days I have ever run and most miles. πŸƒ

Got an invite to Bluesky so I got that going for me..

Ohio Statehouse πŸ“Έ

Finished reading: My Darling Detective by Howard Norman πŸ“š // I have read a decent amount of Howard Norman, and am usually a big fan, but this one didn’t really grab me. I don’t know if it was the odd sort of Canadian Noir style or the characters or what. Enjoyed it but didn’t love it.

Finished reading: The Navigating Fox by Christopher Rowe πŸ“š // left me wanting more, great world building and characters

Fun run πŸƒ on Sunday as part of the ASICS Novoblast Tour in Columbus. Got to demo Superblasts and get a picture at Columbus Commons Christmas tree. Afterwards found out shoes are $200… 😬

Currently reading: The Navigating Fox by Christopher Rowe πŸ“š

Book Review: Into Siberia

Finished reading: Into Siberia by Gregory J. Wallance πŸ“š // A fascinating account of George Kennan’s travels in Siberia, his lectures afterwards and its impact on American-Russian relations. It is hard to imagine what Kennan went through during his travels and even harder to imagine the suffering of those caught up in the Russian exile system. The scale of suffering and disruption is hard to wrap your mind around. The extremes of weather and geography, and the lack of basic comforts in practically every area of life, meant Kennan pushed himself physically and mentally to the breaking point. But his writing and lectures fundamental changed the way Americans saw Russia.

The book is part Kennan biography, part history of Kennan’s work on the exile system. and part exploration of the exile system and its relationship to American-Russian relations. Sometimes the jumping between these threads slowed the momentum and felt momentarily disjointed but not enough to truly undermine the story. It truly does capture an amazing slice of history and the man at the center of this unique issue.

Thanks to NetGalley for the review copy.

The world could use more jerks - Megan McArdle

Can really tell how running farther has impacted my leg strength and speed. Ran 5K last night and this morning and both were faster than I ran the Turkey Trot last year. πŸƒπŸ¦ƒ

I don’t want to put a sign in my yard. I don’t want to wear a ribbon or t-shirt or march in a parade or protest.

“If you don’t really want to β€œgo along, to get along” but you don’t want to argue and fight either, you can feel untethered in some ways. I don’t want to put a sign in my yard. I don’t want to wear a ribbon or t-shirt or march in a parade or protest. But I also am not comfortable with the quite often radical concepts and ideas being treated like mainstream or the only sensible view. The speed in which we move from extreme to everybody thinks this, or should, is dizzying.” - me, almost two and a half years ago but still true